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Willow Tree is a small rural animal sanctuary that over the years has taken in and re-homed many animals. It has also offered a lifetime home to others that have had deep ingrained issues through bad experiences making them very difficult if not impossible to home.
Firstly, although many of you may already be aware it is worth stating that the animals at Willow Tree were left following the death of its Founder almost 2 years ago. Our inherited situation is quite unique and extremely difficult: however, since that time every effort has been made to look after, rehabilitate and find loving homes for our 'pets' where possible.
We are aware some people are getting impatient and would like to reassure everyone that all the animals at Willow Tree are loved, fed, walked and cared for by our team of highly qualified, experienced and dedicated staff. The dogs have large, insulated kennels and runs, they have warmth and comfort and are better off than some animals in homes where they may be shut in one room or left outside with limited human contact. Our dogs get regular exercise in our garden and large field, they are walked, have playtime and training. In short they are looked after very well and certainly better than some other rescue centres.
Our animals are part of Willow Tree's family and are treated by all who work here as their own 'pets' which in turn means we take very seriously the homing process to ensure the best possible match and forever home is found. It is very easy to home a dog in the wrong environment - we look for a forever home and the best possible outcome for all as we know our 'pets' very well.
Secondly, an update about Khan who is a much loved member of Willow Tree's family and because of this we need to do our absolute best for him in terms of finding him that 'special and understanding home' he needs. It is true to say we have had very many offers but a lot of these for various reasons are unsuitable and it takes a lot of time to find that 'special' home. We are extremely careful where any of our dogs are homed.
Finally, we would like to thank everyone for sharing Khan and for trying to help us - although we are not in a position to post regular updates we will let everyone know once Khan has his new family.
A big thank you also for your donations.


Thankyou to everyone form everywhere for the amazing response shown in helping to re-home Khan - you are all amazing.

We are unable to take anymore enquiries and are currently working through our shortlist for Khan's forever home and will update our website in due course.

A heartfelt thanks June & Christine.

Pamela Townsend:

About Us:

 Willow Tree is an animal sanctuary for horses, donkeys and all breeds of dog which has been re-homing dogs for many years both on a permanant and fostering basis.

The ethos of the charity is to provide animals with a loving, safe and secure home.

Each dog is matched with their new owner depending on the needs of both the animal and the prospective adopter or fosterer.

A discretionary contribution is made when an animal is homed to offset the cost of vet fees and administration costs when a dog is brought in to the sanctuary.

Can You Help:

As a registered charity the sanctuary is always in need of donations.

These include:

Volunteering: Dog walking, cleaning of the kennels, maintenance of the sanctuary etc.

Fundraising: Organising charity events, monetary donations etc.
Animal Feeds: Always required for all the types of animals in our care

If you would like to find out more about our work, sponsor a dog or the explore the possibility of adopting or fostering a dog please contact the sanctuary.

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